The 5 styles for a dream house

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Dear lovers of DIY and decoupage, for all the curious and those intent on renewing the house I leave the creative and fun ideas that will help you in the world of interior design.

If you wonder how I can make my home unique or more intressante, if you want to always be the coolest or the most trendy, if you're just looking for an idea to find below 5 styles of furniture to choose from.

# 1 Vintage Style

For the more nostalgic decor in vintage style it collects unique furniture from the past decades, with shapes and colors that will create amazing retro scenarios.

Element that back in fashion are the wallpapers that characterized lounges, corridors and bedrooms with the addition of prints and sophisticated plates from the second-hand dealers.

In a perfect kitchen vintage can not be lacking in iron or copper pans and old porcelain.

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# 2 Boho Chic

From a modern reinterpretation of the bohemian we witnessed the birth of Boho Chic alternating great freedom of ideas in colorful fabrics and comfortable sofas evoking an atmosphere of 70 years very elegant.

In living rooms will find classic furniture with modern design contrasts of knickknacks, dishes in the kitchen with colorful decorations and colored glasses.

Do not forget to emphasize the colored elements with backgrounds or decor of neutral tones to maximize the contrast.

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# 3 Industrial Style

When the image of the loft in American films is your desire you need to inspire you to a perfect decoration in industrial style.

Walls left unfinished or over only a painting by hand, exposed plants or even exalted as furnishings.

Sofas in lounges minimalist, lamps and chairs reminiscent of the '900 period of great industrial development.

Product recommended by us: Chandelier FL / Y Kartell

# 4 Provencal Style

When cool, French style with light pastel tones and excites you, the Provencal style is the idea which to draw inspiration.

Never indeed modern classic or rustic decor favors wood and wrought iron, stone and floors.

Lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen for tablecloths, curtains or to cover sofas and cushions where you can also appreciate floral prints.

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# 5 Contemporary Style

The style always evolving and stylish contemporary reflects the latest trends of today.

Linear and clean environment with spaces defined and new materials that create significant scenic effects.

It reinvents the design objects of worship with lighter materials and new lines, with an eye green appearance.

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by Emanuele V.

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