The sale of goods is governed by these terms and by the procedures detailed in the sections of this site under the respective headings "Security and Payments", "Shipping" and "Privacy Policy", which must be considered part and parcel of the sales contract.

Therefore customers are invited, before sending an order, to carefully read the conditions of sale as identified above and the information contained therein, and print or save them in another durable medium accessible to him.

Any changes or new conditions of sale will be promptly reported to the customer, will be effective upon posting on the website and will apply only to sales made after publication.


This online store is aimed at private individuals, who are required, in accordance with the Bersani law 223/06, to indicate their tax code number during the registration phase. Consumers who buy the products for their own professional activity or business activity must indicate their VAT number during the registration phase.

For every purchase an invoice will be issued as required by the regulation of 4 July 2001, 107 issued by the Inland Revenue.

By placing an order, the customer sends a proposal to purchase the product or products selected. The sending of the purchase implies consent (pursuant to art. 10 Legislative Decree 185/1999) to receive further communications.

On completing the purchase an e-mail confirming receipt of the order will be sent.
To cancel an order, please inform us by e-mail of your choice in the shortest possible time, in any case within 24 hours of the order. In the case of payment by credit card the order is deemed accepted fully, in this case the goods may also be sent the next day.


The online sale is treated as a contract of sale at a distance. The law requires those who exercise this activity to give the consumer some guarantees, mainly concentrated in the right to return the goods (Legislative Decree no. 206 of 2005).

The right to return the goods is valid within ten working days of a written communication to the seller's office by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

The communication can also be sent, within the same period, by e-mail and fax, provided that it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within forty-eight hours.

In the registered letter, the customer should insert their data, those relating to the order and the purchase made, communicating the intention to terminate the contract, with the order to return the price paid within the 30-day period.


The articles on this site are always available. In the case of non-availability, the retrievability of the product is guaranteed by the distribution agreements with manufacturers, who deal with supplying the missing products on a weekly basis.

The goods ordered, if in stock, will be delivered to the courier within 1-2 working days after receipt of the order upon verification of payment.

Orders will be processed only with goods fully available unless otherwise requested by the customer. If any product is not available, the order will be processed as soon as all the products arrive at our warehouse.

No shipments are carried out on Mondays; orders received over the weekend will be handled on the Tuesday.

During the month of August, the second half of December and the first ten days of the year, there may be delays in delivery as the official distributor for Italy will be closed for holidays. will respect their obligations as soon as possible and distribute equitably among their customers, the remaining products in stock. can not be held liable for any delay or non-delivery caused by circumstances beyond their control. Such circumstances include strikes, natural disasters and any other event that renders the production, transportation or delivery of the products impracticable.


The prices listed are from the official price list for sale to the public, including VAT.

Except for promotions and sales initiatives convened by to promote products nationwide, these prices are subject to change without notice.

In the case of requests for products not present in the catalogue, in other formats, or in large quantities, the customer is invited to send an email to


The items sold by are covered by 24-month guarantee of conformity in accordance with Decree law 24/02. This guarantee excludes all things or parts subject to wear.

The guarantee is for private individuals who purchase the products for private, not profession use. For the guarantee to be valid, please keep the invoice issued at the time of sale.

Shipping costs are charged to the customer.

For customers who use the products for professional use (with purchase invoice and VAT number) the guarantee is 12 months.


In the case of complaint, send an e-mail to: